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When the Satija family moved from New Zealand to Austin, Texas in 2017, siblings Rohan and Anya Satija felt isolated in their new environment. Overly conscious of their accent and other cultural barriers, Rohan couldn't immediately bond with his peers and found solace in reading. Books comforted him and this passion for reading helped him make like-minded friends who had a shared love of reading.


In 2018, when Rohan was in middle school, he was shocked to learn through a school project that thousands of children across the state of Texas lacked access to books and school supplies of their own. Rohan spoke to his sister about this discovery and through multiple conversations over the next few weeks, the idea of Let's Learn Foundation was formed. Driven by a burning desire to make a positive change, Rohan and Anya embarked on a mission to bridge this disparity in access to education.

They started small - Going door-to-door selling homemade cookies, setting up lemonade stands, and In 2018, during the first year, Rohan and Anya spoke to their respective schools and organized campaigns to collect books and school supplies. Over the next few years, they scaled their efforts. Determined to bring books into the hands of those who needed them most, they organized campaigns across several communities across Texas. Lets Learn Foundation organized multiple campaigns across different schools, restaurants, and other landmarks across the state. 

Due to the generosity of the community, Lets Learn Foundation has engaged, collected and donated to over 11,000 underprivileged children across dozens of schools, and 13 school districts. We have worked with Round Rock ISD, Leander ISD, Austin ISD, Manor ISD, Georgetown ISD, Belton ISD, Pflugerville ISD, Dell Children's Medical Center, etc.


Deeply appreciative of these amazing, generous institutions who have gone over and beyond to help our campaigns! 

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